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Thank you for your interest in The Games Network company.

This website has been designed specifically to outline the cable platform in China together with an introduction to The Games Network (TGN) company. Please note however that all information disclosed in these pages is supplied in good faith and in confidence with confidentiality of concepts and ideas remaining the property of TGN. Information supplied on Century Vision Network (CVN) is for reference purposes only.

CVN is a broadband cable network system offering subscribers a range of products including television, sports, news, movies on demand, karioke, banking......and games.

TGN will supply CVN on an exclusive basis, online games and products for cable television (and other products) for the China market. The agreement which has a trial period for six (6) months will roll over into a fixed three (3) year exclusive agreement with options for further agreements. The CVN company is further expanding into other products and countries and with this expansion, TGN will be allowed exclusive access to provide games on these new platforms.

Currently, TGN is negotiating with leading software designers and developers for games on the cable system. Games range from the latest PC games through to playstation and palm style games. TGN is also negotiating with corporations in sponsorship of certain sections with merchandise released through game play.

TGN is looking for equity partners to further develop and expand into China and other growth markets. TGN is also looking to work with software companies on profit share or leasing agreements. With secure servers and no client access to software, the CVN platform can deliver games into peoples homes instantly without fear of piracy, high advertising costs, or misconfiguration.

We look forward to your comments and thoughts.

Steve Josifovski
The Games Network
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