Being Part of TGN and Online Gaming Through Asia


TGN is looking for a wide range of software to share with TGN members. From children's educational games through to tournament combat games, TGN is trying to establish the leading games system which will focus on branding. When people hear MTV their immediate thought is music - we will look to establish TGN to be viewed as games.

There are four main types of cooperation;

Free Software

Upcoming software designers and programmers can display their games on TGN and receive direct feedback and reports on the success of game play. For people with little chance to have their games published (for a number of reasons) TGN gives opportunities to publish games online.

Large corporations can offer older games to build loyality. For example. by allowing people to play free version 1 of a game that is a few years old, there may be a better chance for the same person to pay to play the latest version of the game in the pay section.

Corporate Sponsorship - by combining advertising elements and free game software, corporations can promote their brands directly to the younger market. Since TGN will be going directly into people's homes, corporations can easily promote their names and products.

Beta Testing

TGN can be used for direct Beta Testing in a closed environment. Before a product is to be published, final testing can occur on TGN where selected players can play and possibly find errors or problems. After receiving feedback and information from players, software companies can improve their games and release onto the world market. With all information held in total confidence, TGN and software companies can work together in improving the final product.

Profit Sharing

TGN is developing hardware which can be used on all console / arcade style games. These games will be charged out on a pay per play basis or rental period. Software companies can offer their software libraries onto TGN on a profit share basis. Since TGN needs to pay CVN for the use of the cable network, each software title profit share will need to be listed and negotiated.


TGN is also looking to license games and software for use on the TGN. This will be payment with no profit share and allows exclusive use of games for China market.



TGN is seeking equity partners to develop and expand into the Asian market. There are many benefits in joining TGN which include;

  • very quick access into the China Market
  • access to raw data and player statistics
  • access to new software companies and proven games
  • growth guaranteed on the expansion of CVN outside of China
  • branching of TGN to provide software for other online corporations

TGN will have access to over 40 million households throughout China covering 43.5% of the China market. Through further development of the CVN network and expansion throughout Asian countries, TGN will continue to grow with fast track development of tournament and online game play (where the player can sit on their lounge and participate in live "Who Wants to be a Millionaire").

Data transfer will run at 4.5megabytes per second allowing the highest quality game play. With continued fine tuning and development, TGN will have the premium online operating system with raw data which can help software developers design games and concepts.

TGN will go into the marketplace and give upcoming programmers and software developers a chance to have games published. Through TGN operating system and admin section, TGN can view the best performing games and can help both the software developer and also the software publisher. For example, if unknown company A released a game on TGN which was very successful, TGN can quickly highlight the best features and draw the demographic data, introducing company A to publishers (our partners).

With the continued expansion of the internet and cable facilities throughout the world, TGN is looking to establish itself as the leading games network throughout every country. With the development and expansion into the china market, TGN will have experience and ready operating capital to further develop into western markets.